Let Me Bing That For You – New Service announcement

Many a times on the forums, I have seen users ask very basic questions that can easily be ‘searched out’. Answerers usually respond to these basic question by guiding the original poster to a search engine and tell them what to search. WAWOT (What a waste of time!)

Here’s how you can now help this OP with some style. Many of you must be familiar with lmgtfy.com or Let me Google that for you

Maarten Balliauw, Juliën Hanssens and Phil Haack got together and created a new website called Let Me Bing That For You

Let Me Bing That For You is a service for our lazy friends who are just too lazy to search out for answers on their own. Here’s how the service works. Assuming the user asked you a query ‘How to lose your Job’. Here’s how you can teach him how to search

- Go to Let Me Bing That For You

- Type in the users query ‘How to lose your Job’ in the search box and click the search button

- The service provides you a link to pass on to that lazy bum

The link guides the user step by step on how to Bing that query. Check the results here :)


Go Search Go!!

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Anonymous said...

How to loose your job?

Poor spelling is one way.

loose = not snug

lose = to suffer the deprivation of

Anonymous said...

When I enter "C++", the output animation searches for "C".

Suprotim Agarwal said...

Thanks the typo has been corrected.

Yes C++ turns to C. I have forwarded this bug to the team who created it