Using LINQ to Search and Delete Old Files

I was recently asked on the forum about ways to find old files and delete them. I said use LINQ. It is perfect for this scenario. Here’s the query to do find old files. Add a reference to System.IO


var query = from o in Directory.GetFiles("/YourFolder", "*.*",
let x = new FileInfo(o)
where x.CreationTime <= DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-6)
select o;
foreach (var item in query)


Dim query = _
From o In Directory.GetFiles("/YourFolder", "*.*", _
SearchOption.AllDirectories) _
Let x = New FileInfo(o) _
Where x.CreationTime <= DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-6) _
Select o
For Each item In query
Next item

The query finds all the files, which in this case is all files, where the creation date is six months old. All you need to do to get this working for you is to update the directory to search, and update the search pattern to search for all or only specified files. This functionality can be copied into a console application and run as a scheduled task. Yet another good reason to use LINQ.

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Thank mate! This works brilliantly.

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var query = from c in db.haberlerlsts where c.onay == true orderby descending select c;

relationship with the non-scan images in the folder, and delete database