Patterns & Practices Acceptance Test Engineering Guide, Volume I – Beta2‏

Free Guide to provide guidance to technology and business stakeholders on the discipline of acceptance testing. I have copied the index 'as-is' from the guide to give you an idea about the contents of the guide.

PART I – THINKING ABOUT ACCEPTANCE explains six mental models that are useful when thinking about the acceptance process.

Chapter 1 The Acceptance Process

Chapter 2 Decision-Making Model

Chapter 3 Project Context Model

Chapter 4 System Requirements Model

Chapter 5 Risk Model

Chapter 6 Doneness Model

PARTII – PERSPECTIVES ON ACCEPTANCE describes the acceptance process from the perspectives of key stakeholders in two different kinds of organizations: the Information Technology Department in a business and the Product Development Company. Most readers involved in the acceptance process should find some commonality with at least one of the roles describes.

Chapter 7 Business Lead’s Perspective

Chapter 8 Product Manager’s Perspective

Chapter 9 Test Manager’s Perspective

Chapter 10 Development Manager’s Perspective

Chapter 11 User Experience Specialist’s Perspective

Chapter 12 Operations Manager’s Perspective

Chapter 13 Solution Architect’s Perspective

Chapter 14 Enterprise Architect’s Perspective

Chapter 15 Legal Perspective

PARTIII – ACCEPTING SOFTWARE introduces the practices that are necessary for planning the acceptance process, for performing acceptance testing and for improving the acceptance process.

Chapter 16 Planning for Acceptance

Chapter 17 Assessing Software

Chapter 18 Managing the Acceptance Process

Chapter 19 Streamlining the Acceptance Process

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