Windows 7 Beta will Auto Shut Down every 2 hours from July 1st 2009

It's official now. The Bi-hourly shutdowns for the Windows 7 Beta will begin July 1st, 2009 and will expire on August 1st 2009. This post comes as a saver, since a few days ago, all Windows 7 Beta users got an email miscommunicating that the bi-hourly shutdowns will begin June 1st 2009, instead of July 1st, 2009.

So if any one of you are still using Windows 7 Beta, you have around 34 days from now to download and install the Windows 7 RC, saving you from going through the pains of seeing your PC shutting down every 2 hours. Ahemm..sound familiar eh!

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Kojichan said...

Good grief! And here I was thinking that my computer was overheating so I went out and bought new thermal paste to fix it... still happened, even replaced the power supply. wtf.. Gosh I feel stupid. :P