Bind an ASP.NET DropDownList to a Dictionary

I have seen a lot of folks keeping data in a Dictionary<,>. However when it comes to binding this Dictionary with a control, they feel lost!

Here's a simple way that demonstrates how to bind a Dictionary to an ASP.NET DropDownList control

        <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlRelatives" runat="server">



    Dictionary<int, string> dicRel = new Dictionary<int, string>();

    dicRel.Add(1, "Father");

    dicRel.Add(2, "Mother");

    dicRel.Add(3, "Brother");

    dicRel.Add(4, "Sister");

    dicRel.Add(5, "Others");

    ddlRelatives.DataSource = dicRel;

    ddlRelatives.DataTextField = "Value";

    ddlRelatives.DataValueField = "Key";



    Dim dicRel As New Dictionary(Of Integer, String)()

    dicRel.Add(1, "Father")

    dicRel.Add(2, "Mother")

    dicRel.Add(3, "Brother")

    dicRel.Add(4, "Sister")

    dicRel.Add(5, "Others")

    ddlRelatives.DataSource = dicRel

    ddlRelatives.DataTextField = "Value"

    ddlRelatives.DataValueField = "Key"


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kartik sukumaran said...

It says null exception

Anonymous said...

Thanks ! It helped me ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is a great start. Could you include the definition of ddlRelatives? Also, with the addition of MVC to, an example of the MVC UI code would rock too. Thanks much. Steve