Searching a string array using LINQ

Assuming you have a string array

string[] strArray = { "Jack", "mojo", "Kathy", "Tulip", "Mojo" };

and you want to search a string in this array using LINQ. The search should not be case-sensitive. Here's how to do so:


string[] strArray = { "Jack", "mojo", "Kathy", "Tulip", "Mojo" };

var srchString = "mojo";

var strFound = Array.FindAll(strArray, str => str.ToLower().Equals(srchString.ToLower()));

foreach (string s in strFound)


    // print s



        Dim strArray() As String = {"Jack", "Mojo", "Kathy", "Tulip", "Mojo"}

        Dim srchString = "mojo"

        Dim strFound = Array.FindAll(strArray, Function(str) str.ToLower().Equals(srchString.ToLower()))

        For Each s As String In strFound

            ' print s

        Next s

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