Mix09 Rocks! - Important Product and Technology Announcements at Mix09

Some important announcements were made at Mix 09, some of them we have been eagerly waiting for. Here's a quick tour of some annoucements made at Mix 09 and some links related to them:

Silverlight 3 - Most awaited! Check out the new features in the links given below

Silverlight 3 announced at Mix 09

All the New Features of Silverlight 3

What's New in Silverlight 3

Expression Blend 3 Preview - Compliments Silverlight 3!

First Look at Expression Blend 3

Expression Web 3 and Expression Web Super Preview - Announced by The 'Gu' (Scott Guthrie) with his pre-preps

Expression Web 3 and Super Preview

Expression Web Super Preview


ASP.NET MVC 1.0 RTW (Release to Web) Announced

ASP.NET MVC 1 with Phil Haack

Commerce Server 2009

Power of Commerce Server 2009

Web Platform Installer

Subtext 2.1.1 Available Via the Web Platform Installer

IIS Announcements at MIX 09

Check out a lot more at :



A Lap Around MIX09 Annoucements

After recieving the NDA share of annoucements at the MVP Summit 09, and now with the annoucements at MIX09, I can only say that I am overwhelmed! Go Techie Go!

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