Alert/Prevent Users From closing the browser

Here's a simple script that works on both IE and Mozilla and displays a confirmation box before closing the browser. You can use this script to detect if an activity is on and alert users about the same, before they close the browser.

<html xmlns="">

<head runat="server">


    <script type="text/javascript"> 

        window.onbeforeunload = function(e) {

            e = e || window.event;

            e.returnValue = "Your message here";





    <form id="form1" runat="server">







You can use the same script on ASP.NET pages too

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Suprotim Agarwal, Developer Technologies MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) is the founder and contributor for DevCurry, DotNetCurry and SQLServerCurry. He is the Chief Editor of a Developer Magazine called DNC Magazine. He has also authored two Books - 51 Recipes using jQuery with ASP.NET Controls. and The Absolutely Awesome jQuery CookBook.

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Sandeep Aparajit said...

The pop-up is shown even if you navigate to other page of your own website. I wanted a solution wherein the user will be altered ONLY if he is closing the Browser window. Can you pls provide any pointers?