Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack (SP1) Released

Microsoft has released the first Service Pack of Visual Studio 2010. The service pack is available to MSDN subscribers and will be available for others later during the day over here.

Here are the main highlights of this release:

  • Includes Microsoft Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010
  • New Performance wizard for Silverlight
  • IntelliTrace for 64-bit and SharePoint
  • IIS 7.5 Express support
  • SQL Server CE 4 support (available as separate d/l)
  • Preliminary HTML5 and CSS3 support
  • New Razor Syntax Support (available as separate d/l)
  • Support for Microsoft Web Platform Installer (PI)
  • WCF RIA Services V1 SP1
  • Unit Testing support for the .NET Framework 3.5

and much more. Read What’s New in Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Before installing SP1, make sure you read Tips on installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1

As a Web Developer, to be able to develop applications in VS 2010 using Web standards, I would want to see much better support for HTML5 and CSS3!

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